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Thassos sightseeing

Thassos sightseeing

That should see the beautiful Thassos.

That must-see exploring the beautiful Thassos!

Here are some places or experiences we recommend to our friends !
Let's start from the beaches which is more beautiful than any other. Just a few are a little more special ! As Saliara or Marble beach with marble dust to make turquoise waters you feel like you're on an exotic island in the Indian! We propose to go morning , afternoon waters not seem so as the sun drops behind her , to know that after the car would need washing as it will become white from the dust! You will find Marble beach just a few km after Makryammos beach 3 Km from Thassos town. Other outstanding natural beauty place to swim is known Gkiola . It is a natural pool and will find Astris twisting alley from the hotel Sirens , it is advisable to ask nearby not to get lost !
And finally the famous Aliki beach with green and quiet waters, the ancient and the sunken quarry ! Deep clean water , we prefer the back side is quieter. Anyway worth a dip .
Stroll through the traditional villages of Theologos and Kazabiti , and Panagia Village! All three have delicious skewers! Fish fresh and fragrant will find throughout Thassos! If you like things you find will find Riding the Theologian and Prinos . Jeep Safari in the mountains of Thassos and diving centers in the Pefkari Drink and sandy. We all highly recommend them. For the rest you will find boats for day trips around the island of Thassos in Golden Beach and Thassos town old port . And water sports in Golden Beach and Pefkari !

We hope to help you choose to do any of this to enjoy it ! Oh, and one last thing... get pine , sweet walnuts , oregano , olive oil and excellent Thassos olives called "Throumbes'! It will remind you some time in our enchanting place !

Not forgetting the sights that follow and deserve every attention .
ancient Theatre
Archaeological Museum Til.25930 22180
ancient Agora
Vriokastro - Church of the Twelve Apostles
Church of St. Nicholas
Church of the Assumption
Museum Polygnotou Vagi Til.25930 61400
Skala Potamia
Tarsanas at the old port
ancient Sanctuary
immersed Quarry
Monastery of Archangel Michael
Folklore Museum Theologian
Church of Agios Dimitrios
Folklore Museum Limenaria
Hamlet Castle
Church of St. Athanasius
Monastery of the Assumption
Genna Lake - Little Falls
Folklore Museum Kallirachis
Fountain ( 1888 )
Church of St. George
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