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How to get to Thassos

Thassos island by ferry boat by plane and by car from Egnatia

Here you will find information on how you can get on the island Thassos ...

Thassos by plane ...
Through Kavala. The island is served by the International Airport of Kavala . There are many scheduled flights from Athens daily ( 50 minutes flight ) . Alexander the Great Airport ( Chrysoypoli ) is 30 km east of Kavala . There are also flights from major European cities several times a week . The airport is 18 km from the port of Keramotis featuring ferry to take you to an island (35 minutes) .
Through Thessaloniki : At the airport of Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia , there are many flights to and from Athens and many European cities . If you plan to fly through Thessaloniki , then you ought to prepare and transfer from there to Kavala or Keramoti with a bus.
Thassos drive ...
     With the Egnatia road stuff is a breeze . After Kavala to Xanthi there are two exits that you can go to Keramoti.O first is through Kavala airport and the second through Chrysoupoleos.I distance is about the same . It takes about two hours to reach Kavala from Thessaloniki and a half to get to Keramoti . Around the same time do to reach Kavala and less for Keramoti from Alexandroupolis. From Kavala and Keramoti you can get the ferry to Thassos .
Thassos by train
     You can get the Greek Railway and travel to the city of Drama. The trip takes about 8 hours from Athens . You can also come by train from Thessaloniki , but costs more than the bus and takes 1.5 hours longer. When you arrive in Drama , take the bus to Kavala that runs about every half hour.
The island bus ( Bus ) ...
     You can reach Kavala from Athens, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis to Kavala Bus .
The island by boat ( ferry )
     There are daily ferry from Kavala Prince (75 minutes and ticket) and Keramoti Thassos (35 minutes) .
1. You can get ferry from Kavala to the port of Thassos Prinos . But you must know that carried fewer sailings from Kavala to Thassos from those performed by Keramoti.
Two . You can get the leoforeio for port Keramotis . The time is about 45 minutes from the crotch to Keramoti. Prices eisitirion are:
Route Kavala - PRINOS
KIDS (up to 5 years) : FREE
Children ( 5-10 years) 2,40 EURO
CAR UP 4.25m 19,00 EURO
CAR OVER 4.25m 24,00 EURO
MOTORCYCLE TO 250 cc: 5,00 EUR
TRUCKS UP TO 5 meters : 25.00 EUR
TRUCKS OVER 5m : 7,00 EUR / meter
BUSES : 5,00 EUR / meter
CAMPERS AND BOATS : 5,00 EUR / meter
BIKE : 3.80 EUR
Route KERAMOTI - Thassos
KIDS (up to 5 years) : FREE
Children ( 5-10 years) 1,50 EURO
CAR UP 4.25m 16,00 EURO
MHCHANH TO 250 cc: 4,00 EUR
MHCHANH OVER 250 cc: 5,00 EUR
TRUCKS UP TO 5 meters : 20.00 EUR
TRUCKS OVER 5m : 5,00 EUR / meter
BUSES : 4,00 EUR / meter
CAMPERS AND BOATS : 4,00 EUR / meter
BIKE : 2.80 EUR

Here you can see the ferries .

The phones of two companies covering routes are as follows :
Aneth FERRIES 0030 25930-22318
NEK FERRIES 0030 25930-24001
On the island of Thassos ...
     There are daily buses serving all coastal locations and villages , and many villages . For more information call 2593022162 ( office bus Thassos ) . The long road of 100 km surrounding the island is in good condition making it easy to drive, although there are some very sharp turns . The island rented cars and motorcycles .
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